Administration and Finance:  Responsible for budget, building debt, church treasurer, endowment, long range financial planning, stewardship, insurance and advertising/marketing.  Also church bulletin, Grapevine, office volunteers, sermon transcription, technology and website.

Contact:  Bill Gambill, Co-Chair

Contact:  Jon Grimes, Co-Chair

Contact: Van Neely, Co-Chair, Endowment

Contact:  Burt Borgelt, Chair, Long Range Financial Planning

Advertising and Marketing:  Responsible for publicity, advertising and marketing outside the Church.

Contact: Michael Gardiner

Audio Visual Room:  Responsible for the church audio, video, lighting, filming, etc. and productions and visual aids.

Contact:  Steve Himes

Building and Grounds:  Oversees Audio Visual, Food Services, Facility and Grounds/Landscape

Contact:  John Dixon, Paul Groen

Facilities:  Maintains all structures, grounds and properties of the church to include all interior and exterior fixtures, equipment, etc.  Assists members and friends of the church in providing the facilities for their approved functions.  Provides keys to authorized church representatives, assists any vendor in scheduling, repairing, delivering or pick-ups at properties.  Keeps and maintains log books on equipment, furniture, etc. and is responsible for Audio/Visual room.

Contact:  Rich Raymond

Grounds:  Manage landscape contractor, oversees landscaping, and maintain parking lot.

Contact:  Van Neely

Office Volunteers:  Assist with mailings such as Grapevine, bulletin, computer work, etc.

Contact:  Kathy Butler

Personnel:  Formulates for the Session’s approval policies regarding employees of the church and communicates requests/problems between the employees and the Session.

Contact: Jon Grimes