Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth Purpose:

To provide programs that are intended to draw people closer to Jesus Christ, enrich their spiritual life and create a feeling of family within the members of the congregation.


The Chairperson and others interested in supporting spiritual growth. Our chairman is Bill Johnson.


Provide, promote and support Christian Education studies and events throughout the week.

Ensure a viable Sunday Bible Study is ongoing. Obtain Session approval for curriculum and teachers.

Develop and encourage participation in weekly Bible Studies, including small home group studies, and other events to enrich the spiritual life of the congregation. Obtain Session approval for curriculum.

Explore opportunities outside the Church to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Have you ever wondered what Advent is all about? 

Sure, it is celebrated every Christmas season by reading scripture and lighting candles, but would you really like to know more?  The Spiritual Growth Committee is sponsoring small groups beginning on the week of November 13th and running for six weeks. Four small groups are scheduled with Paul Groen, Barbara Grimes, Jack Isherwood and Fred Finks serving as facilitators. Study guides are $5.00. Sign up over the next two weeks in the Fellowship Hall or contact Dr. Fred Finks at fjfinks@gmail.com for more information.