Church Staff

Administrative / Office: Kathy Butler

Kathy Butler grew up in Indiana and has lived in Sarasota for 45 years.  Happily
married to Steve since 1976, they have one married daughter and two
grandchildren in Clearwater, and a four-legged son, Stormy the Golden
Retriever.   Kathy worked for one of our parishioners for almost 30 years and is
very thankful that he recommended her to our Church, and now has the delightful
job of working with Pastor Pritchard and our congregation!   She has enjoyed being
a part of our new Church.  When not at CCLBK, Kathy enjoys traveling, quilting,
baking, but mostly being with their grandchildren.

Building Management: Rich Raymond shown with his wife Jean

Rich brings a long and varied experience to the position of building management. A navy Veteran of ten years experience, Rich has owned and managed warehouse and retail space, and apartment buildings for many years. he also owned a cabinet and woodworking company. He has managed landscaping and maintenance of the planned community where he lived in Ft. Meyers and served as a Board member there.

Rich and his wife Jean relocated to south Sarasota a few years ago. He is a most enthusiastic and energetic man, and said that this job was exactly what he was looking for after a few years of golf  and time off. We look forward to working with Rich and extend a warm welcome to him as one of our staff members.