Purpose: Deacons are called to undertake ministries of care, compassion and service within and beyond the congregation. They supervise and promote the various ministries and programs of pastoral care within Christ Church. (Acts 6: 3-6).

Membership: Six ordained and installed full members including a Moderator and a Vice Moderator.

Responsibilities: As laid out in the Book of Order, this purposely listed ministry is to those in need as the primary task of the Deacons. They may also be called to serve the Lord’s Supper and do other special assignments.

Trained by the pastor to offer prayer, pastoral visits, faithful discretion, confidentiality and discipleship.  They work closely with the Caring Ministries Elder who reports to Session on behalf of the Deacons.  The Deacons function is under the supervision and authority of the Session.

Our deacons currently serving the congregation of Christ Church of Longboat Key

Class of 2021

Eleanor Kveton

Karen Gardiner


Class of 2019

Debra McKenna

Jim Seaton, Vice Moderator

Class of 2020

Duane Compton

Susan Stuckert