Fellowship and Education

The Fellowship and Education Committee provides programs, such as our Wednesday Night Dinner series, that are intended to draw people to Jesus Christ and to meet human needs via informational, entertaining, faith building and community service activities. We also strive to offer programs such as our Welcome Back party, End of Season Party and Thanksgiving Dinner that offer Christian fellowship in a social setting so that we may better know and care for each other. We invite you to participate in those activities that match your interests and any that deepen your commitment to the teachings of Jesus Christ. Please check our monthly newsletter, The Grapevine, and our Sunday bulletins for meeting days and times.

Dinearounds:  Dinearounds are social gatherings held in members’ and friends’ homes. The host home provides a simple entree and the guests supplement with other dishes. Fun, fellowship and the opportunity to meet a few new friends at different homes make this a popular activity.

Contact: Ann Quackenbush

Library: The Library is a quiet space for learning and sharing where books and other appropriate media of both a religious and secular nature draw individuals and small groups. Computers and related tools, such as Skype, allow members and friends to complete research and be better connected to the Church community and to their families and loved ones far away. The Library Club committee has responsibility for collecting, processing, maintaining and circulating materials. Small group instruction on the use of computers will be provided as available.

Contact: Eleanor Cloud and Karen Fors

Reading Buddies: Christ Church provides support for an after-school reading tutorial program for at-risk children in the Bradenton area. One component of the program involves the Reading Buddies, a dedicated group of volunteers from Christ Church who work one-on-one with children in the program.

Contact: Kit Torchia and Karen Compton

Book Club: The Christ Church Book Club provides fellowship through selected readings which are intended to increase our understanding of diverse cultures and human needs.

Contact: Kay and Keith Tschannen

Bridge Club: The Bridge Club gathers weekly for fun and fellowship.

Contact: Kay and Keith Tschannen

Men’s Club: The Men’s Club meets the first Monday of each month (October to April) for the purpose of fellowship and service to the church community. Each meeting typically includes a speaker followed by group discussion.

Contact: Gordon Lenci

Outside Church Social Activities: This committee provides fellowship opportunities in the local community and in private homes and is particularly important to our members and friends during the summer months.

Contact: Vivian Chester

Singles on Sunday (UNOS): Singles on Sunday provides Christian fellowship for those who are single and for those who are socially single. This group offers support for those facing life issues on their own, social activities and some faith-based activities as well.

Contact: Ann Quackenbush

Veterans Club:  The Veterans Club consists of veterans of our US Forces, having served in times of war and peace. Club members occasionally get together socially and participate in events related to veterans.

Contact: Joe Palumbo

Women’s Club: The Women’s Club sponsors numerous activities to support church missions, promote the physical and emotional well-being of our members and offer Christian fellowship in community settings.

Contact: Patty Buck and Ann Quackenbush

Yoga: Gentle yoga is offered seasonally with a focus on increasing balance, core strength and mindfulness.  Participants are encouraged to participate at their own level and modifications are suggested for those with specific limitations.

Contact:  Ann Quackenbush