Learn to Fish Recovery Center

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Learn To Fish provides affordable residential and non residential recovery options for women struggling with addiction, alcoholism and depression. There are over 11 million Women in need of treatment in the USA. Sadly, there are very few options available for those who have no resources. Many female addicts developed behavioral and emotional disorders as a direct result of severe abuse as children.They turn to drugs and alcohol in an effort to ease the pain. Prostitution, adult night clubs, jail and human trafficking becomes a way of life. Ultimately, this way of life can be passed down to their children. Without help, the cycle of abuse and dysfunction continues. We believe every woman deserves the right to comfortably recover with dignity. We offer hope, friendship and a loving home environment to heal from a lifetime of pain. We assist women in getting their children out of the foster care system and teach them how to build healthy, productive lives for themselves. Happily ever after is not supposed to be a fairy tale, it’s what God wants for each and every one of us. We have beds available and provide treatment for any woman whenever possible regardless of their ability to pay.