It is our mission committee’s desire to contribute to not for profit organizations for seed type operations where our contributions are an invested part of a growth type enterprise that  will be perpetuated over time. We pray that our donations will contribute to the efficient welfare, now and in the future, of the underprivileged. We look for operations that can be considered a Christian enterprise with Christian values and purposes. Following are the organizations we support with the committee member representing each.

Agape Flights

Located in Venice, Florida, this is an interdenominational Christian aviation ministry, dedicated to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ, serving missionaries, children and the people of Haiti and The Dominican Republic.

Beth-El  A Farmworkers Ministry

Located in Wimauma and Immokalee, Florida, they provide food, shelter and clothing for the families that work in the agricultural fields. Their mission statement reads: ”Helps farmworkers achieve self-sufficiency through its open opportunities to worship, its extensive educational programs, and the many services it provides to meet their basic needs”.

Bible Mission USA

Bible Mission USA has as its primary role the distribution of Bibles and the Gospel of John free of charge to those in need of such material.  The book of John is a new translation of the Gospel and is currently being translated into Spanish for distribution to immigrant farmworkers in the area.  Other Gospels are planned for publication also.


Assists community agencies or individuals usually on a one day project.


ECHO stands for Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization. Located in Ft. Myer, Florida, and celebrating 30 years of working with missionaries and development workers all around the world its goal is to bring glory to God and help sow seeds of hope and provide sustainable hunger solutions for those working with the poor in over 180 countries as well as helping the poor to help themselves.

E.F.E.L.T.  (Elks Feeding Empty Little Tummies) 

This is a stand-a-lone not-for-profit organization that provides weekend meals to children who are going to a Bradenton Title One school.  Volunteers donate their time and effort in shopping, inventorying, picking and packing food into backpacks or bags and delivering them to schools on a weekly basis throughout the school year.  There are no administrative costs associated with the program.

End Poverty.org – John Shehorn

Founded in 1985, it is dedicated to empowering the working poor around the world to lift themselves out of poverty. It is a Christian organization that provides small loans and training that equips needy families to start and grow their own small businesses via micro loans. These loans must be paid back so that another family might be helped.

In-Stride Hippo Therapy

Located in Nokomis, Florida, these professionals are specialists in therapy treatments for disabled children with the use of horses. They have made the lives of hundreds of disabled children brighter and happier.

Learn to FISH 

They provide affordable residential and non-residential recovery options for women struggling with addiction, alcoholism and depression. There are over 11 million Women in need of treatment in the USA. Sadly, there are very few options available for those who have no resources. Many female addicts developed behavioral and emotional disorders as a direct result of severe abuse as children. They turn to drugs and alcohol in an effort to ease the pain. Prostitution, adult night clubs, jail and human trafficking becomes a way of life. Ultimately, this way of life can be passed down to their children. Without help, the cycle of abuse and dysfunction continues. We believe every woman deserves the right to comfortably recover with dignity. We offer hope, friendship and a loving home environment to heal from a lifetime of pain. We assist women in getting their children out of the foster care system and teach them how to build healthy, productive lives for themselves. Happily ever after is not supposed to be a fairy tale, it’s what God wants for each and every one of us. We have beds available and provide treatment for any woman, whenever possible, regardless of their ability to pay.

Our Daily Bread

Located in Bradenton, Florida, this organization provides a noon meal for well over 300 people daily and distributes bags of non-perishable groceries that will feed two persons for four days or four persons for two days. The ministry strives to find new ways to feed the hungry and homeless in the area.

PET Project

PET stands for Personal Energy Transportation. This is a hand-propelled type bike, or some say wheel chair that was developed in 1944 in response to the tragic loss of limbs and mobility due to land mines and polio. They are made in several locations in the USA, and shipped to well over 50 countries throughout the world, The cost to make one PET vehicle is $250.00, and they are made in both child and adult sizes.

Neighborhood Learning Center—Bradenton

This Center provides tutoring for at risk children in the Bradenton area through Grade 3. A “Reading Buddies” program was developed by Beverly Sutton of Christ Church of Longboat Key, and many other members participate in this wonderful experience. Immersion Days is a new program being initiated to expose these children to the arts, drama, music, technology, and organized sports. Additional volunteers are always needed.

Turning Points 

They have a transitional development program which assists the homeless, those served with an eviction notice and those requesting rental assistance to prevent becoming homeless.  Financial assistance, as funding permits is available or security deposits, rent and utilities for clients meeting eligibility requirements.  They also are an open door resource center and supplies the homeless with basic survival needs which include:  use of a computer to apply for jobs, employment assistance, assistance in getting needed identification cards, mail services, food stamp assistance, hot showers, haircuts, laundry service any much more.  There is a medical clinic for health and dental needs.  They also have a veteran services program for men, women and their families struggling with issues related to homelessness



For more information please contact Jerry Fox, Mission Committee Chair